Associate Professor Hart Cohen

Western Sydney University
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Dr Hart Cohen is Associate Professor in Media Arts in the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University. He is Associate Head of School responsible for Research and Postgraduate Studies. Dr Cohen is a member of the Institute for Culture and Society and supervises a number of MA (research), DCA and PhD students. He has published widely in the field of visual anthropology, communications and film studies.

Dr Cohen directed two Australian Research Council Projects related to the Strehlow Collection held at the Strehlow Research Centre in Alice Springs including an online database related to TGH Strehlow's memoir, Journey to Horseshoe Bend. Two films have been made in relation to these projects: Mr. Strehlow's Films (SBSi 2001) and Cantata Journey (ABC TV 2006). Dr Cohen co-edited a special issue of Media International Australia on the theme of Digital Anthropology (MIA 116 August 2005) and is co-author of Screen Media Arts: An Introduction to Concepts and Practices for Oxford University Press (2009). He is founding editor of the Global Media Journal (Australian Edition).

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