Associate Professor Dafna Merom

Western Sydney University
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Dr Dafna Merom joined the University of Western Sydney in July 2011 as Associate Professor in Physical Activity and Health. Prior to this appointment she was a senior research fellow, in the School of Public Health University of Sydney, a specialised physical activity epidemiologist in the NSW Centre for Physical Activity and Health, University of New South Wales and a senior epidemiologist in the Israeli Centre for Disease Control, Department of Health.

Her academic background comprises of education, exercise science including PDHPE and Dance Teaching Diplomas, master in public health major in epidemiology, health education and health promotion. Dafna’s research interests are in areas of physical activity measurement, surveillance, improving the knowledge-base on the role of lifestyle physical activity, in particular walking, in preventing and managing chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, mental illness) and the development and evaluation of population –based approaches to promote active lifestyle through active travel, environmental modifications and by implementing mediated self-help approaches for different population groups and in various settings (schools, worksites, general practice or home). Her post doc area of research focuses on the role of  multi-dimensional physical activities (e.g. dance) in preventing neurological declines (i.e., balance, cognition) and on the contribution of domain-specific physical activity (work, households, transport) to chronic disease prevention in populations under economic transition and of different cultural background.

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