ARC Future Fellowships - Grant ID: FT200100884 [ 2021-06-28 - 2025-06-28 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: A/Prof Ha Bui (Future Fellowship)

Brief description Linking microstructural evolutions across the scales of granular failure. This project expects to transform the understanding of granular materials and their behaviour by establishing explicit links between the macroscopic responses of the materials and their evolving microstructural properties. This should lead to revolutionary constitutive models for granular materials that possess true mechanisms of evolving grain-scale structures. The proliferation of these new models should allow development of reliable predictive computational tools for the modelling and assessment of field-scale failure involving granular materials, enhancing the capability to assess the integrity and stability of earth structures, and benefitting the Australian economy, environment and public safety.

Funding Amount $880,000

Funding Scheme ARC Future Fellowships

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