ARC Centres of Excellences - Grant ID: CE170100026 [ 2017 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Paul Mulvaney; Prof Kenneth Ghiggino; A/Prof Trevor Smith; Prof John Sader; Dr Wallace Wong; Prof Salvy Russo; A/Prof Jared Cole; A/Prof Jacek Jasieniak; Dr Alison Funston; Prof Udo Bach; Prof Yi-Bing Cheng; Dr Girish Lakhwani; Dr Asaph Widmer-Cooper; Dr Dane McCamey; Prof Timothy Schmidt; Dr Daniel Gomez; Dr Fiona Scholes; Dr Rebecca McCallum; Prof Greg Dicinoski; Prof Chunlei Du; Prof Dr Martin Plenio; Prof Jiang Tang; Prof Jeffrey Neaton; Prof Dr Markus Lippitz; Prof Xiaotao Hao

Brief description This Centre aims to manipulate the way light energy is absorbed, transported and transformed in advanced molecular materials. The research programme spans high-throughput computational screening, single molecule photochemistry and ultrafast spectroscopy and embraces innovative outreach and commercial translation activities. The Centre plans to capture the knowledge generated as new intellectual property, materials processing know-how, and through the creation of new employment opportunities. The expected outcomes and benefits include new Australian technologies in solar energy conversion, energy-efficient lighting and displays, security labelling and optical sensor platforms for defence.

Funding Amount $31,850,000

Funding Scheme ARC Centres of Excellences

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